The Mission

JobTortoise provides job-seeking professionals with a more informed and organized job search experience. You can search for jobs that have been curated from multiple sites, maintain multiple lists, and share these lists with others. All jobs posted are from reliable sources and/or have been personally checked for legitimacy. JobTortoise collects only minimal information about each job, and then directs clicks on these jobs back to the original site in order to give them the traffic they deserve.

The Principles
You deserve an organized and informed job search.

This site provides a job tracking interface that allows you to not only add jobs mapped on our site with a single click, but also track your interest in jobs that you find on other sites by entering them into your tracker manually. You can sort your tracked jobs into various lists, which you can then share with others and even combine with other lists.

Headhunters should work for their money.

Nobody should make thousands of dollars for matching a resume they found online with a job that they also found online. You'll never have to fish through thousands of repetitive listings from "recruiters" who are just re-posting positions that are already available directly from employers. We will only pull job listings from reliable sites, and if we begin to accept direct job submissions in the future, each job will be manually checked to ensure that it is being posted by either the actual employer or an approved headhunter with legitimate ties to the hiring organization.